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Waar je ook mee worstelt in je werk en wat JIJ graag wenst te veranderen start met communiceren met vertrouwen. Ik laat je graag ontdekken hoe je dat doet en met resultaat. Want ook jij kunt dat leren! Loopbaancoaching - sollicitatietraining - relatiecoaching - talentmanagement

English speaking professionals and expats, see English section below: Whatever the struggle is in your career starts with communicating with confidence. Happy to share and learn you how! Career coaching - stress management - time management - CV writing and interview techniques - expat coaching

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Digital Advent of Candle Lights

I'm running a Digital Advent of Candle Lights from the 1 st of December till 24th of December. If you sign up you'll receive a question a day about life. It gives you a moment to reflect your thoughts, to write down your feelings or to trigger a real and honest conversation with somebody you care about.

In our busy lives, this is quite a challenge, but when you read my personal story in my blog you'll agree it's worth it.

You don't need to write back! The only thing I ask you in return: can you send me a picture of a candle that I may use in one of my next 24 mailings or posts on facebook. If you like to add a quote about what brings you light, feel free.

If you like to join this Digital Advent, send an email to or follow this event on facebook from December 1st:

What's behind an Advent of Candle Lights

A question a day about life

When was the last time you had a real and honest conversation?
And, more important, how did you feel afterwords?
Good? Connected? Energised?

Well, that's my mission by running this 24 days Advent of Candle Lights

This time last year my father-in-law was diagnosed with severe lung cancer. A big shock and it felt surreal. I wanted to support him in my own way as we're living 200 km apart. I asked if I could email him every time he needed to undergo radiation therapy with one question about his life. He promised to write back every day. Together with our children we made a calendar of 33 days and lit a candle a day.

My questions varied from his childhood experiences, his first love, friendships, work, to being a granddad. By doing so I hoped he could re-live memories with my mother-in-law, family and friends who offered all kinds of practical support. It worked out really well. For moments it took him out of the hospital scene and - even better - he had great discussions about his answers with people who surrounded him.

When I lived in the UK I visited the famous advent procession at Salisbury Cathedral. I will never forget this experience of people coming together in complete darkness and silence. It starts with 1 candle and ends with the entire Cathedral lit by approximately 1300 candles.

I hope many of you will join and enjoy this digital advent:

Happy Christmas!