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For you

In professional coaching I focus on coaching ambitious and well-educated professionals, who aim to maximise their potential by being truly authentic. My clients are lawyers, medics, dentists, consultants, creatives, teachers, phd's and parents returning to work. They all have different backgrounds and nationalities: English, American, French, Czech, Russian, Kenian, Columbian, Ecuador, Chinese, Gambian, from all around the world.

Coaching helps you to explore and realise your full potential. To identify who you currently are, what your attributes, preferences and skills are, and what it is that makes your life meaningful for you. This will enable you to develop and grow from a sense of self-confidence and to flourish by staying close to your self.

Coaching specialities

As a professional or expat life can be very demanding. It may be very useful and helpful to get professional support in your personal development. You may have a specific question, or need some coaching sessions to work on your goal, at some other moments it can really feel good to talk to someone who is unbiased and professional. You can approach me with coaching questions regarding:

Your career

What are my attributes, talents and/or motivation? Which direction do I want to give to my (professional) life? How to prevent stress and burnout? How to tackle career dilemmas? How to keep my job?

Your life as an expat

How to handle a full time job or taking care of small children and a partner whom you see only on the weekends. How to manage both career and family expectations in a foreign country far away from home? How to gain intercultural competencies

Your relationships (business wise and in private matters)

How can I improve my communication skills in a positive and effective way? How to rediscover work life balance? How to move on with life after a broken relationship?

Your presentations, CV writing

How to overcome your fear to speak in public or in front of your collegueas during a meeting? How to boost and personalise my CV/Resumes and cover letters? What are the do’s and don’ts during an interview?

My experience with Carmen was very positive. Carmen was able to not only create a very objective program but also to adapt it to my needs as the training progressed. In the end I was able to develop some skills that granted me some autonomy and confidence to keep my career transition.

However, what surprised me the most was Carmen's ability to help building your network by reaching out to people that could be interesting for my development.

Despite being very professional, Carmen is very empathetic which also brings not only a human touch to the training but helps keep you on track by focusing on the bigger picture. It was a true pleasure working with Carmen and I highly recommend her

Helena Colodetti, lawyer and professor in law

TMA Talent Method

As a certified TMA Professional I work with TMA Talent Method. TMA connects organizations with employees and helps you to develop your talents, competencies and career by providing clear insights into talents, competencies, career and development opportunities.

The key to the success of TMA Method lies in its ability to connect individual talents to professional behavior indicators, based on competencies and performancemanagement. TMA Assessments, reports and recommendations are communicated in a non-judgmental and talent-oriented manner, based on positive psychology.

  • Make employees work on the basis of their drives and talents in order to achieve betterresults and competencies.
  • Focus on the talents and competencies already present and develop them.ü Discover and develop talents.
  • People act when they do what they are good at or whenthey know about their talents. In the long run, stimulating a person using a negativeapproach is more difficult and less effective.
  • Find out which competencies are easy to develop based on intrinsic motivation.


My approach

We start our coaching programme with a free intake session to get to know each other. During this meeting I will show you how I work and we will discuss how we can work together. We will both check if there is a fit to proceed. I will estimate how many coaching sessions are needed (normally 4-6, a longer programme 8-12 sessions). There will be a timeslot of 2-3 weeks in between sessions to give you space and time to do homework and exercises.

The coaching model I use is called GROW (Goals, Reality, Options, Will) combined with NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) tools. I offer you optimism, encouragement and guidance to set your goals and keep your bigger picture in mind.

I’m a certified TMA Professional and willing to include TMA Talent Management (TMA method) in our coaching session as a way to assess and develop your talents to find the best career opportunities. (TMA talent assessment, TMA competencies and TMA 360 degree feedback).

Full journey career coaching
(9 hours)

In a full journey career coaching I will support you to:

- get insight in your career history so far
- find your passions, values, mission and meaning
- assess your skills, talents, strengths and uniqueness
- discover what you want and need from a career at this stage in your life
- do the research and learning you need to prepare for transistion and your chosen career
- make it happen by setting goals, staying motivated and developing the self-belief and confidence you need
- make a personal development plan

Short journey career coaching
(4 hours)

If you would like to explore some of the steps in career coaching, that's also possible.

Sometimes you already know what your skills are, but you need support where to find a job where you can use these skills. Then, we focus on this area and make a personal development plan according to your needs

Or if you like to enlarge your skills in public speaking during meetings we can also focus on this part of your job to build your confidence.

If you experience stress at work, we can focus on your time management skills and make a personal time map to get more grip on your precious time.

CV writing and Interview skills
(2,5 hours)

30 minutes:
get insight of your career history and specific objectives re applying for a job.

1 hour CV writing:
- how to build/personalise your master CV and your tailored CV for specific vacancies;
- how to actively use LinkedIN
- how to structure your cv on contents and presentation

1 hour interview skills:
- how to demonstrate confidence via body language and use emotions in a conversation;
- how to articulate your ideas/conversation crisply
choice of:
- mock interview (filmed and direct feedback) based on behavioural interview questions among adaptability, culture fit and leadership)

About me

Honest, calm and pragmatic

Originally I have a lawyer’s background in Holland. As an expat I lived in the UK and Belgium for 6 years and started my business in career coaching for professionals and expats. I'm a mum of three beautiful children.

Since 2018 our family is based in Breda and pratice career & stress coaching for professionals and expats (lawyers, medics, dentists, teachers, phd's and professionals with a creative background). I'm skilled in counselling & coaching and Licensed NLP Coach™. I'm a certified TMA professional as well.

My experiences have equipped me with some great tools to improve communication and personal development. My clients are professionals with all kinds of nationalities. They describe my style as: wise, calm and practical.

When I'm not I'm at my practice, you can find me walking along the beach, in the forest or playing and raising our children. I love good food and cooking and I'm a passionate writer of poems too.


  • TMA certified Professional (Nuflex), 2019
  • Licensed NLP coach (De Groeiacademie in Brugge, België), 2018
  • Licensed Master NLP (De Groeiacademie in Brugge, België), 2018/2017
  • Licensed Practitioner NLP (De Groeiacademie in Brugge, België), 2017
  • Loopbaan systeemopstellingen (SYSTO in Leuven, België), 2017
  • Professional Coach, (SYSTO in Leuven, België), 2016/2017
  • Counselling skills certificates Level II, Brockenhurst College, Engeland, 2013/2014
  • Vfas specialisatie opleiding familierecht, Vfas opleiding Utrecht, 2011/2012
  • Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur, 2006-2009
  • Master Nederlands recht (Tilburg University), 2001

Business fees

Business rate (ex VAT)

Coaching, per hour



Private fees

Coaching per hour      105

TMA                                  302,50


Time management

In my professional life, I work as a doctor (general practitioner) and therefore have met and come into contact with counsellors over the years. Carmen stands out as exceptional in her approach to her work. Her background in law is invaluable, providing an element of professionalism, realism and organised quick thinking to her coaching that would be hard to find elsewhere. Carmen's personality naturally lends itself to coaching; she is calm and pragmatic whilst her intellect allows her to execute solutions, offer ideas and motivate, often with a touch of humour!

I was fortunate enough to attend one of Carmen's coaching sessions recently. The session was entitled 'Time management and professional organisation'. I left this session feeling energised to go home and make changes to help with my busy family and professional life. I am starting to put some of her ideas into action and I can't thank her enough for the positive influence this is having; particularly with home life. This has come as a surprise to me as I thought I was already quite organised!

Dr Emma Hickey BM MRCP MRCGP

Time management

Thank you Carmen for the calm and purposeful way you approached our session on time management and organisation. You enabled me to look at my day objectivily and identify times which could be used more effectively. I now feel more in control of my schedule and work load and am certainly more productive!

The Time management Workshop that CarmenCoaching delivered to the parents of the school was so well received. Many parents made immediate changes to their lifestyles which have proved so beneficial.

Claire Holly (Head of Pre-Prep, Durlston Court School)

Time management

I had read several books on time management in the past , but found working with Carmen to be much more effective. Hearing others in the group share their experiences was very helpful , and Carmen's steady , calm but firm focus guided everyone sensitively through the process and kept us all clearly on track. I was delighted to find how easy it was to successfully apply the techniques directly to my own situation. Highly recommended!      

Nina Z, teacher at private school in Brussels

Career transition

My experience with Carmen was very positive. Carmen was able to not only create a very objective program but also to adapt it to my needs as the training progressed. In the end I was able to develop some skills that granted me some autonomy and confidence to keep my career transition. However, what surprised me the most was Carmen's ability to help building your network by reaching out to people that could be interesting for my development. Despite being very professional, Carmen is very empathetic which also brings not only a human touch to the training but helps keep you on track by focusing on the bigger picture. It was a true pleasure working with Carmen and I highly recommend her.

Helena Colodetti, Lawyer, Consultant and Law Professor

Career dilemmas

I found Carmen's support in solving my career dilemmas extremely useful. Two elements were particularly helpful: her structured approach and honesty. She helped me set objectives for a career change, and we used these meticulously to measure progress. This has helped me better understand my own (mostly internal) obstacles for implementing the change I've been seeking, and hold myself accountable for my decisions. Carmen's honesty is very much appreciated when she quotes my own words back to me reminding me of my own past commitments and calling me to action. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is interested in re-evaluating their career path!

Janina Arsenjeva

Europe programme manager at International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

Career coaching

I found my career coaching with Carmen very helpful. Carmen's coaching sessions were always structured and result-oriented. At the same time she was not afraid to do something different from what was originally planned, or challenge me in the most tactful way. I really appreciated Carmen’s positive and professional approach, her empathy and genuine curiosity.

Kati Süle

Publisher - Reference at Macmillan Education, Springer Nature

CV writing

Carmen provides simple, elegantly presented, ideas and concepts to help imporve presentation of you key cv messages, and form connection with a potential employer

Richard Price- Policy and Advocacy Officer at the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists

CV writing

Carmen is very passionate to help people tailor their CV and present themselves effectively during the interviews. I have had one CV session with her and I found it very useful. She has a complete list to help you go through all aspects of your CV. After the conversation, I have better idea on how to structure my CV.Time management

Huawen DING, docter, MD, PhD, Dip Pharm Med

Life coaching

Carmen is not only a wonderful career coach, but also life coach. After moving to Belgium, I quickly discovered that I would have to change careers. Not sure what I’d do I reached out to Carmen and realized the value in her sessions. Each time I met with Carmen I felt more confident and determined to put myself out there. After booking my first job interview in Belgium, Carmen invited me to her office the evening before and helped me run through a practice interview. With her encouragement and guidance I was well prepared and offered the job that same day! I'm grateful for the encouragement and expertise Carmen offered as I ventured into a new career!

Julie Potts

Development Coordinator / Acupuncturist

Long-term strategies

I always enjoy my conversations with Carmen: she manages to combine her lawyer's incisive mind with the innate warmth of her humanity which means that her perceptive insights get straight to the heart of the matter while being coupled with empathy and good humour.

When approaching an issue Carmen is wonderfully positive, yet realistic, and rapidly comes up with supportive ideas ranging from immediate quick fixes through to more long-term strategies when necessary.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending CarmenCoaching as I believe that Carmen has unique blend of skils and experience to offer

Gavin Gobell (Osteopath)

Ways we can work together

Face to face
You're more than welcome in my beautiful and spacious coaching practice.

Outdoor coaching
As part of my coaching, I do take clients outside. Outdoor coaching makes you move in your mental and emotional process. By talking and walking at the same time, your sense, senses and sensitivity are stimulated and your mind and body are reconnected.

Zoom, Face time or Skype
If you are unable to meet face to face or if you simply find that online coaching is easier and more convenient to you,


In my opinion coaching benefits from a cinematic approach. By visualising you’ll literally see the life you’re in. We zoom in and focus on what you think is important to you. We vary the focus and switch between the views. You’ll learn to look differently.

'Feel at home’ in your own life by using your ‘sense and senses’. We’re overeducated in using our sense, but many times we forget to use our senses Let's rediscover them!

Finally, we will work to be specific and realistic in your goal setting. Don't think 'Big', make 'baby steps'. Moving a stone in a river can change a current for life.